Meet James Penny

Are you tired of Kentucky being 47th out of 50 in education in America?
Are you tired of discrimination due to economic status, education, race, gender, or religion?
Are you tired of women in Kentucky not being paid the same as men?
Are you tired of not having job security, a living wage, or means for upward mobility?
Then read and understand why I makes sense (Cents) for District 30.

Greetings! I am a project engineer at UPS and community leader seeking election to the Kentucky State House of Representatives in District 30. I studied electrical engineering at the University Of Louisville Speed School and am now returning to their School of Education for a degree in leadership and professional development. I’ve been volunteering in the community for 20+ years and seen first hand that we can do better for all Kentuckians. My unique journey between Corporate America, small business, and the non-profit world, has led me to be a uniquely creative thinker who enacts solutions to improve all three worlds.  Let me put my creativity, leadership, and problem solving abilities to work for the Commonwealth.

How can I improve life in Kentucky?

  • Investing in Greater Technology
    • STEM jobs are high paying lessening the poverty in the state
    • The more take home pay a family has, the stronger it will be
    • Investing in renewable energy sources to provide jobs
    • Higher paying jobs begins to tackle the 25% of KY kids living in poverty
  • Increasing the amount of money budgeted for education
    • Restoring unfunded education programs
    • Greater access to STEM education
    • “Finding” the same money in our budget for education as we do for businesses
  • Fighting the opioid crisis is ravaging families across the state

    • Strengthening the services dedicated to fighting the opioid crisis
    • Failing a drug test, equals no employment, equals poverty and homelessness, equals a cost to the state
  • Combating Homelessness

    • Enacting programs used abroad to setup temporary housing for the homeless so they can apply for jobs
    • Over time this would reduce the amount of money the state spends on homelessness and work to reduce the amount of homeless children in the state
  • Creating New Revenue Streams in KY

    • Full legalization of gambling
    • Medicinal use of marijuana
    • Trans state Monorail system connecting cities like Chicago and Nashville to Louisville for a cheap one way fare

I stand with teachers.
I stand with the union.
I stand with women.
I stand with our students.
A Pension is a Promise

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