You know what's really a national emergency?

- Poverty
- Gun Violence
- Climate Change
- Mass Incarceration
- Access to Healthcare
- Income Inequality

These are issues that our country should be working to solve.

Attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for Valley High School’s Industrial Maintenance Program. Parts from our last project made a conveyor that will help prepare youth for technical, high $$$ careers.

#OurJCPS #ValleyHS #TechCareersMakeMoney #ChangingLives


JUST IN: @HouseGOP sided with @POTUS and voted down @RepMikeQuigley's effort to restore election security grants that prevent hostile powers like Russia from hacking our elections. #ProtectOurDemocracy

Today @HouseBudgetGOP are considering their “Budget for a Brighter American Future,” which makes extreme cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, education, infrastructure, and other critical programs in order to pay for the #GOPTaxScam. Brighter yes, but for billionaires only. #GOPBudget

This is the cost of @realDonaldTrump’s reckless trade policies. Tariffs from Mexico on bourbon and bacon. Mexico is Kentucky’s fifth-largest international trading partner for exports.

Attended the JCPS School Board meeting last night. Very pleased the board voted to appeal the state takeover. Good news but still a fight ahead.

Didn't think I was going to stop supporting our teachers and children just because I lost an election? 😎


This is why I ran for public office. I want Kentucky's youth to be able to complete in a economically, globally, and intellectually in the 21st century. No matter the outcome of the primary, I'm committed to creating a better future for KY.
#PennyMakesCentsD30 #Penny4StateRep

Hanging out with my niece, Little Miss AKA, at the AKA Derby Brunch. I'm fighting for to make Kentucky better for her! #PennyMakesCentsD30 #Penny4StateRep @theiconicb @yarmuth @AKAEtaOmega @AlphaLambda1906 @JLMeriwether06

Met this cutie named Coco and her loving owner while canvassing last night. Did you know Kentucky is ranked as the worst state in the US for animal protection laws 10 years in a row? I want to change that.
#Penny4StateRep #PennyMakesCentsD30 #IncreaseInKY

According to Indiana, we are a third world country. Let's invest in Kentucky so that we can be the best. #Penny4StateRep #PennyMakesCentsD30

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