This is why I ran for public office. I want Kentucky's youth to be able to complete in a economically, globally, and intellectually in the 21st century. No matter the outcome of the primary, I'm committed to creating a better future for KY.
#PennyMakesCentsD30 #Penny4StateRep

Kentucky State Representative District 30 Democratic candidate James Penny

Hanging out with my niece, Little Miss AKA, at the AKA Derby Brunch. I'm fighting for to make Kentucky better for her! #PennyMakesCentsD30 #Penny4StateRep @theiconicb @yarmuth @AKAEtaOmega @AlphaLambda1906 @JLMeriwether06

Met this cutie named Coco and her loving owner while canvassing last night. Did you know Kentucky is ranked as the worst state in the US for animal protection laws 10 years in a row? I want to change that.
#Penny4StateRep #PennyMakesCentsD30 #IncreaseInKY

According to Indiana, we are a third world country. Let's invest in Kentucky so that we can be the best. #Penny4StateRep #PennyMakesCentsD30

KY Legislators VOTE NO to HB 169! This "anti-gang" bill will only worsen racial disparities in our justice system. Press Conf at @LouisvilleUL 10am TODAY!
#Penny4StateRep #PennyMakesCentsD30 @ACLUofKY @NAACP @louisvilleNAACP @yarmuth @HereIsMySpout

Since Kentucky is in such a financial bind that we have to remove our educator's pensions, then why don't we legalize marijuana and/or gambling to increase our state's revenue stream? That's a win-win for everyone. #Penny4StateRep #standwithteachers

We live in a country where our president consistently activates his freedom of speech, but his fellow Americans have to be censored? Does that make sense? #Penny4StateRep #PennyMakesCentsD30

#Monday Motivation I'm ready for a better tomorrow. Where our children are receiving an A+ education in a safe school. Where women are paid the same as men. Where we are all united in the USA. Does that make me crazy? Or does that make sense? #Penny4StateRep #PennyMakesCentsD30

And so it begins... How about we bring paddles back to schools instead of adding guns? #Penny4StateRep #PennyMakesCentsD30

Talking w/Jawaun at Iroquis HS Tuesday morning for Men's Mentoring! A great kid who wants to be an engineer! #Onward #Penny4StateRep #PennyMakesCentsD30 #BlackHistoryMonth @ssclive @yarmuth @JLMeriwether06 @jdm1906 @AKAEtaOmega @lulypconnected @LouisvilleUL @HereIsMySpout

Checkout my campaign website! Also myself with then Presidential Candidate Barrack Obama #Penny4StateRep #PennyMakesCentsD30 #BlackHistoryMonth @ssclive
@MrJohnMark @JLMeriwether06 @jdm1906 @AKAEtaOmega @lulypconnected @LouisvilleUL @HereIsMySpout

Enjoying The State of Black Louisville by @LouisvilleUL Excellent speakers and topics.
#PennyMakesCentsD30 #Penny4StateRep

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